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[CLOSED Thank you!]Jiang Shi Tulus or Polutan by Skf-Adopt
Request: For Kaeni-Designs by Zhdara DRAW OC'S : THREE. by AGAIAB Random Oriental Batch|AUCTION|CLOSED| by Eye-Candy-Maker Trade for Kaeni-Designs (2/2) by Demon-Donkey Trade for Kaeni-Designs (1/2) by Demon-Donkey :thumb549277767: [CLOSED] ADOPT AUCTION 176 - Evil Plushies Charmer by Piffi-adoptables [Auction Adopts] - Maulichts - closed by myneea Keine by wafflerp :thumb548114455: Kai-nis' OC: Kaoran by itzGamingTime [Closed] by Shiina-Yukicommission for kaeni-designs by spinoza1996 Yulizh [R] by AngelKite AT: kaeni-designs by 0wnii Heartless Adopt Auction [CLOSED] by Eye-Candy-Maker Amaranth by fatalpen Nine tails fox//closed by 00M0scaD0mestica00 Fullbody Zanuelle by Wanini  Critters by Naddillu [ Z ] Bannieres by LElfe-en-plastique Venceslas by LeynSun Arshel by Mr-Sage Request Selfie by Miiru-Inu Request#10 by monkey-tale AT: Valege by SugarYuyu Adoptable Batch #5//CLOSED by 00M0scaD0mestica00 Lyra by crapsh0ot Jammy request - Kaeni-Designs by Glas-Fuchs {CLOSED ADOPT} Mana the Madness by Valyriana Phoenix adopt (NYP)  : closed by RedSeroja OTA|Kemonomimi SchoolDays| CLOSED| by Eye-Candy-Maker Kaeni custom by Eye-Candy-Maker <da:thumb id="531369605"/> Mana the Madness by Valyriana 3rd Alice Batch (50 points each - OPEN) by TheYamiClaxia OTA Elf Adoptables (CLOSED) *WINNERS* by YuuiSama Demon Scratch | Set Price| [CLOSED] by Eye-Candy-Maker Reduced Price Adopt [closed] by faycoon { CLOSED ADOPT // OTA } AiSong 03 by Valyriana Custom Visov for Kaeni-Designs by Rogue-Paladin-Mirage Monochrome Valentine [OTA/CLOSED + WINNERS] by Buddy-Buddy Oriental Tea Bunny Girl Adoptable [CLOSED] by Kaeichi-Ruu Monster Victorian Kemonomimi adoptable  CLOSED by AS-Adoptables Old Designs sale [CLOSED] by Doerei CLOSED by Miushark Colladopt~ { 1 } ( CLOSED POINT auction ) by Ripurii adoptable batch (closed) by adoptables-noe Outfit Adopt Auction Batch 2 [OPEN] by sonisadopts OTA: Closed by Amakai411- Hydrangea - by Ruzuri:thumb542509017:  [CLOSED] Hydrangea [Auction] by Ruzuri OTA: Spring Adopts redo {CLOSED} by CRREWELL Sketch Mini Chibi Zanuelle WIP !! by Yonni-Chan Monochrome Valentine [OTA/CLOSED + WINNERS] by Buddy-Buddy Nerina by AtroxReaperJunior Glue - Request by Miiru-Inu Gift Exchange for Valentines by neko-loverx3 + Z + Gijikon 8 + by AngedeCristalfree c- mil ra by antiartian Zanuelle | Tarot - Lot 1 by NekouHime bun-bun Mil-ra! by deathpickle Pony Requests (Updated Again) by graffiti-blaze Secret Santa for kaeniX by K-naille Violet fairy - secret santa fo Kaeni X by K-naille SecretSanta by KairiCat7 Kiriban prize : Sayonara, I love u by RedSeroja OTA Fox and Bird boys adoptables (closed) by RedSeroja Wolf adopt #1 [Closed] by RandomeAdoptabels Adoptables [ CLOSED ] by Starstealer96 Adopt Me 10 points (CLOSED) by Thegr33nfairy canine sheet 38 [2/6 OPEN] by verdi-gris Cutie Offer to Adopt (CLOSED) by SweetieBatch batch adoptables 2 [closed] by AruyaAdopts Chibi Unicorn OTA [CLOSED] by Nauti-Cool [pending] Sketchy Adopt 2 by shiibu [Closed] Salvi Boys Adopts by CottonPuffAdopties Offer to Adopt #1 by Blitz-o-Byte <da:thumb id="478532764"/> Oriental Tea Bunny Girl Adoptable [CLOSED] by Kaeichi-Ruu Senpai Notice Me : Yandere Type [CLOSED] by Buddy-Buddy Oriental Kemonomimi adopts [CLOSED] by Eye-Candy-Maker Base test adopts 02 [CLOSED] by Eye-Candy-Maker Kemonomimi Hoodie BASE02 set3 [CLOSED] by Eye-Candy-Maker .Boucie Friends_Original Species [CLOSED] #1 by sakkoadopts OLD OC, OFFER TO ADOPT (Closed) by LennyCarlitox [1/6OPEN] Aqua #9 by ghosty-doll-adopts [CLOSED] ADOPT AUCTION 121 - Jammy by Piffi-adoptables Milotic Ponymon Adopt (CLOSED) by mscreepy + Giveaway Prize (Part 6) + by Serket-XXI Happy Valentinesday '13 #2 by FallenRichardBrook Wolf Hybrid Adoptable (CLOSED) by Steam-Powered-Fox Pyramide Jaune by Floupfloup [CLOSED] Dream Selfie Adopt +OTA+ by xPandux DP109 :: Golden Win by ReroPumpkin Lunettes by Floupfloup Untitled by Floupfloup BANANA TEEAMMM by Kawaii797 PV: Secret Santa Part 1 by PervertedBoyFuruchi + Giveaway Prize (Part 5) + by Serket-XXI Request - Venceslas by Jeternity Pv headshot part 2 by dbzcellLover PV | RQ #4 | May-Sa by Hei-Mei by Hexlix Alerig by ShaeDurii Requests Round Two: Venceslas as a Child by ChangelingStudios ~Wolf Adoptable auction :closed:~ by SugarYuyu 30 Head Sketch Dump by TobatoJello   -Requests- by olitiger Commish: Xue-Xin by ReasonBeautifulChild Zodiac Adoptable Aries - CLOSED by Ririkou-Adopts Second Request: Alerig Reading by ChangelingStudios Ardes Chibi by Kyte-Rhima Ardes by WhiteWingsIII Venceslas by AgCNO Euphrosyne by Yanderenka PV- Alerig Chibi by ArtyyTart PC : Xue-Xin by Silerna PV- Venceslas Chibi by ArtyyTart PV request: Alerig and Venceslas by Byscutte Kiriban prize (27500) - James by DianneDejarjayes Hugs by ChangelingStudios Hug by MissFreakyLuce GiveAway Prize - Kaeni-Orihara by kith-cath-adopt PV SS: Alerig and Megu by Bunny-Muncher Secret Santa by Seigana PV Headshots by FallenRichardBrook Secret Halloween by Sun2Clouds2Rain Adoptable :SOLD: by Juuri-No-Sekai OriharaKaeni : Jaden by Marion-Elric-Anarchy Adoptable for Giveaway by Devangelic Persephone by Krystal-J


Welcome to my page <3

Requests: Don't even ask.
Commission status: (please check status on KaeniA' profile!)

Status: doing commissions all day //rolls

Don't hesitate not to start random talks with me! ♥
French | Spanish | Mandarin (Intermediate)

Oh, and you can call me either Kaeni, Kae or Xue Xin, I don't care.

My artwork (all of my accounts)

Buy Me A Coffee at

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle


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SugarYuyu Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey  i hope i dont bother I just wanted to ask abourt our AT QwQ
Kaenisei Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015
you bother
no you don't
i've been very busy lately
buuuut welp I'll make sure to compensate the wait with some kind of extra ;-;

I'm super sorry for taking that much time ;;;
Plus I think I'll redo it entirely cause I'm still not satisfied with the wip I sent you and i'm unsure about continuing on this one //sobs
I hate myself so much for always making people wait
sorry hun :iconlazycryplz:
SugarYuyu Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww I was just scared you forgot about it dear <3
Take the time you need ;w;
//stalks you on ewe
what pretty characters you have there :) 
Kaenisei Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015
//stares at you
Thanks a lot! ♥ ♥
Valyriana Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
My name isn't on the to-do list ; o ;/
Kaenisei Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015
Kae has a lot of todo lists. //kicked
You're here >> Planning, Todo list~

sorry for taking so much time that you ended up looking at my todo list omg :iconminghideplz:
Valyriana Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I was just browsing tbh and stalking ppls profiles as usual haha XD 
Kaenisei Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015
(You ended up here after having seen keoko's drawing of Mana, huh ? :iconminghideplz:)
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